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Our Partners

Partnerships play a key role in Leave No Trace Australia's efforts to influence the course of conservation. We realise that alone we cannot hope to achieve our mission. Lasting conservation is achieved by collaborating with a range of extraordinary partners, from governments to local communities, from businesses to individual donors. It is by leveraging the strengths of our collaborations and supporters that we are able to accomplish our greatest successes.

LNTA Funding Partners

LNTA Media Partners

  • Jen Ziel Klewitz

    Jen Ziel Klewitz is a professional photographer, writer, and adventurer, worldwide whose passion is long-term documentary and journalism projects, and documentary portrait projects that incorporate still photography, writing, and audio for powerful storytelling."

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LNTA Education Partners

  • Department of Education WA

    Department of Education WA

    Department of Education and Training Internet, DET provides a quality lifelong learning environment to ensure an educated and skilled future for all Western Australians. Across the state, learning opportunities are never out of reach. DET aims for everyone to have the opportunity to reach their learning and skills potential and contribute to society.

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LNTA Industry Partners

LNTA Industry Partners