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  • Kitchen Sink

    Kitchen Sink

    Minimise wastewater in and around your campsite by using a 5, 10 or 20 litre Kitchen Sink to carry and store water for cooking, washing dishes, and washing yourself. A stainless steel stiffening ring in the top prevents the sink from collapsing when full and functions as well in the outback as it does in the campground.

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  • Folding Bucket

    Folding Bucket

    The Folding Bucket is a freestanding lightweight and compact solution for carrying and storing water in the outdoors. Welded handle strap makes toting water from its source a snap. Additional grab handle cylinder shape, measurement increments and food grade coating make it an ideal use for your water purification system.

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  • Pocket Trowel

    Pocket Trowel (reinforced)

    Encourate decomposition and avoid turning your favourite outdoor spot into a public dunny with this collapsible, hollow-handled camp trowel. Made with glass reinforced Nylon 66 and widened spade, this trowel is strong yet lightweight.

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  • Outhouse

    Outhouse (made with Utra-Sil tm)

    This waterproof toilet paper dispenser (now made from super light ultrasil tm) ensures that you have a dry roll handy for the duration of your trip. Nylon cord with clip lock strap allows you to hang it around your neck or tree.

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  • Pocket Shower

    Pocket Shower

    Keep yourself as clean as your camp with a Sea to Summit Pocket Shower. Fill the 10 litre dry bag, roll it to close at the top and hang it from two tough Delrin D rings with the 20 feet of lightweight cord provided. The black fabric soaks up during the day at base camp for a warm shoer of fill it at the end of the day for a cool rinse.

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  • Trash Sink

    Trash Sack

    Pack it in, pack it out. Designed with a unique roll top closure to prevent leaking, use it as a soft garbage bin in the field of in your car. Fitted with Hypalon R clip-in loops for east hanging.



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  • Wilderness Wash

    Wilderness Wash

    Our biodegradable Wilderness Wash is a super concentrated formula safe for personal use, pts, pans, clothes and outdoor gear, Leave No Trace Australia recommends washing dishes at least 100m from waterways to help maintain healthy aquatic ecosystems.

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  • Pack Tap

    Pack Tap

    Pack your water in or use as part of water purification system once you've arrived at camp using a Sea to Summit Pack Tap. Nozzle in corner allows for steady flow of liquid and tough 210 denier nylon fabric and Hypalon lash tabs at corners make the Pack Tap a durable option for carrying and storing water.

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