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Leave No Trace offers training courses to educate key land managers, outdoor educators, tour operators and the wider public. Leave No Trace courses are informative, practical, hands-on and fun. Participants in a Leave No Trace course should have a strong interest in outdoor recreation, a commitment to training others, a desire to protect natural and cultural resources, and be in good physical condition.

Through training Leave No Trace aims to educate a critical mass of key educators among land managers, tour guides, outdoor educators and others in minimal impact skills and educational techniques to enable the spread of this important message within land management agencies in order to reach the greatest possible numbers of people as quickly as possible.

Four forms of training underpin these efforts.

Masters Courses are typically five days in length and are designed for people who are actively teaching others skills or providing information to the public.

Trainer Courses are a shortened version of the Masters course. Participants receive introductory training in LNT skills and ethics in a condensed two-day format.

Leave No Trace will introduce a travelling trainer program. These trainers will circulate in the community giving training sessions of varying lengths to community groups, outdoor clubs, schools, businesses and will attend public events to spread the LNT message.

Leave No Trace also offer the Awareness Course, a one-day introductory course outlining LNT's program, principles and ethics.

Please contact us for details of forthcoming Masters and Trainers courses.

Contact to book your organisation's program.