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Nature Play

When you go outside and play there is lots of life out there living and playing and working away in nature too - and they are doing it in their homes and backyards so you have to be mindful of HOW you play in Nature. That is where Leave No Trace comes in.


Whether you are out playing for three days or three hours in the bush, or in freshwater or saltwater country, just walking or fishing and surfing, or just camping out, going to the toilet or walking along a track, you need to be aware of how many other bugs, beetles, worms, birds or whatever are out there too because it's their home that they live there all the time!

We are currently developing a program to show you a good little way to see what might be living in a place that you are playing in. It will soon be available on the LNTA elearning website.

Meanwhile you can download a PDF with some of the activities proposed PDF icon


More Information

Visit the Natureplay WA website for more information.