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Mainpeak Multisport

Mainpeak Multisport is a 155km multisport endurance event; a race that’s set to become an iconic multidiscipline endurance event journeying through Perth’s Avon Valley and Swan Valley hinterlands in Western Australia.

Mainpeak Multisport

Leave No Trace Australia’s mission is to build awareness, appreciation and respect for Australia’s unique natural and cultural heritage. They are dedicated to creating a robust, outdoor recreation minimal impact skills and ethics training and awareness program in Australia.

Adventure racing is about pressure – time, competitors, terrain. And the terrain the Mainpeak Multisport event takes place in is situated in an internationally classified biodiversity hotspot – the South West Australian Ecoregion. The incredible botanic diversity of the region is under pressure from numerous factors - a couple of which are Phytophthora dieback and human impacts.

Mainpeak is a long term supporter of the Leave No Trace ethic and contributes financially to the national program. We encourage all participants and supporters to practice exceptional hygiene during the event to ensure the risk of spreading dieback is minimized, and to minimize litter and waste.

Our aim is for this event to grow and for participants to continue to enjoy the outstanding environment it takes place in for many years to come. We encourage you to be mindful of your impacts.

More information

What: Mainpeak Multisport, 155km multisport endurance event

Where: From Toodyay, 85km east of Perth CBD, to Guildford,
16km east of the CBD

When:Sunday, 25 September, 2011

Who:Individuals and teams